Our New Children’s Activity Volunteers

Family Promise is so blessed to have such wonderful and gifted people who have a heart for children. Our children’s activity volunteers will provide special attention to the needs of the children during this difficult time. In addition, they give the parents an hour break so they can attend to their own needs or do job or housing searches. One of the new moms said, “It would just be really nice to sit and read a book for a couple of minutes without worrying about the kids.”

So we are thrilled to have Lisa, Kristen and Vicky on board to share special time with the children. Thank  you for your loving care of our kids.

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Introducing Our Newest Van Driver

I want to introduce you to Benjamin, our new van driver. Benjamin comes to us with seven years of driving experience. For his full-time job, he drives a school bus for special need teens.

Driving our families is a very important and special work, and Benjamin’s background is well-suited for this work. He will be a great addition to the van-driving team of Luis, Alonzo and Frankie.

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Come Join Our Fundraiser on Tuesday, July 22, at Twohey’s!

Join us on Tuesday, July 22, for a meal at Twohey’s Restaurant in Alhambra.

Just bring this flier and Twohey’s will donate 15 percent of your bill to Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley.

So invite your friends and family, enjoy a meal and help homeless families regain their independence!

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Van Driver Needed!

Commercial Class B licensed for part-time driving Monday thru Friday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Call 626-569-0991 or send resume to karen.roberson (at) fpsgv.org

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Family News








Some of our families reached milestones within the past month.

Johnny (left photo) turned 5 and had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties, thanks to the generosity of our host congregations! (We also threw him one at the Resource Center!)

Meanwhile, Sylvia (right photo) graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Congratulations, Sylvia!

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Empty Bowls: An Expression of Compassion and Generosity


Collage of Empty Bowls Photos

Every year we marvel at the beautiful soup bowls made by our artist community, and by their generosity in donating to Family Promise.  The restaurateurs and caterers who so lovingly prepare the soup to fill the bowls, and the congregations that donate gorgeous gift baskets overflowing with goodies for the opportunity drawing make for such a great day.  We were impressed with the wonderful musicians who provided us with such a nice ambiance as we dined.

Thank you to all who registered to come to the event, to support us financially and to meet and greet one another and our guest families. Our guest families were absolutely shocked to see how many people cared enough to show up and support them.

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who worked all year to make sure this Empty Bowls gets better and better each year.  Our artists appreciated the interest shown their work and talents.  Empty Bowls raised $9,600 for Family Promise, and everyone had a good time.

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The breakfast line at Community Church of Holliston

The families enjoying breakfast at the Community Church of Holliston.

Since January 2014:

Families: 8

# Children: 14

Since opening December 2011:

Families: 43

#Children: 80

#Adults:     52

Obtained stable housing: 26

Transitional: 12

Permanent: 11

Longer term shelter: 3

*As of 4/19/14

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Meet Kirk, the Overnight Volunteer


Kirk interacting with one of our guest children at Community Church of Holliston.

Our families often mention Kirk as if he is a member of their family. Kirk is an overnight volunteer with Community Church on Holliston. In fact, I believe he is the overnight volunteer.  What a blessing!!

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Social Work Interns Complete Their Term with Family Promise SGV

Jesus and Susy

Jesus and Susy, our social work interns, at the Resource Center.

It is always bittersweet this time of year when our wonderful, hardworking social work interns finish their year of internship with us. Jesus, Susy and Michelle have been such a great addition to our program over the past nine months. Jesus and Susy are now graduating from Cal State Long Beach with their bachelor of social work degrees. They both have also added a new baby girl to each of their families. Jesus’ wife delivered a new baby girl a few weeks ago, and Susy just delivered her baby girl last week.

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Empty Bowls: Meet Sharon Mann, One of Our Artists

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann, one of the artists who is donating her works for Empty Bowls, working on one of her creations.

Sharon Mann loves creating ceramic works of art, and she loves kids.

The Pasadena artist has found a way to combine both interests: she is one of more than of a dozen local ceramic artists who have donated their works for Empty Bowls 2014, a Saturday, April 26, event that will raise money to help homeless families.

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